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For the serious rider. Leather offers the finest in abrasion resistance, style and comfort. 


For the every day rider. Garments composed of Kevlar, Gore-Tex, Cordura and other protective material. 


For the pleasure rider. Lightweight, durable and with the added benefit of additional protection where needed.

Choosing the right gear can be a rather daunting task. 
You have to ask yourself what level of protection you are after, and for what style of riding. 

You're not about to head around the track in a sweet set of leggings, and I doubt you'd want to commute in a leather one piece. 

When selecting gear, take your time, do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions. 

An informed decision is the best decision. 

Trying on gear is an essential part of the process. What might fit me, may not fit you. 


The above are reviews based on my own personal opinion. I'm just a Biker Chick like you!

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