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Shoei NXR... or for them foreign folk, RF-1200


- EPS Liner System with Multiple Densities - Double D Ring (Required for Track Work in NZ)

- 4 Shell Sizes - Padding Differs

- Sport-Tourer Design

- E.Q.R.S Security System

- Visor colours available w/Pinlock System

- Prepped For Intercom Systems

- XS to XXL

Arguably one of my most favourite helmets on the market. I'm pretty confident I was like every other female rider on the search for a helmet, in that I went graphic first, sensibility second! I mean.. I was about to shell out a neat $200 for a basic bit of kit (this price point is classed as cheap in NZ...), until a lovely friend reminded me, it's my head, and probably worth a little more than that. I have to say I finally agree. With my luck, and a VERY good friend, I managed to do a little research and settled on the design above. One thing, only available in Australia. I swear you Aussies get it better than we ever do... Anywho, one friend, two flights, and wala! Here she ended up in NZ.

Shoei are known for their innovative design and general comfort, matched with fantastic graphics - the example above being the Seduction graphic.

With multiple venting systems on the front, top and back, even in hot temperatures, you will generally stay rather cool. I do however, find that once compression wear happens over the cheek pads, wind noise does increase drastically, and as such would recommend changing out cheek pads regularly for close fit (and a little more peace while riding...)

The perfect street helmet, but I find it can sit a little low for track work, with the visor viewing area being almost too low. I'm constantly bumping it up just to see around a corner. This is where the X-Spirit would make its mark over the NXR. It is nice and light for a full face helmet, and comfortable no matter what the distance of travel.

The NXR is due for an update in overall design, and I will be keen to see what Shoei have in store!


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