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REV'IT! Xena 2, Spoiler alert, I'm a converted fan...

Lets get the facts out the way first!

Outer Shell: Monaco Performance cowhide, PWR | shell 500D stretch, Lorica

Insulation: detachable thermal vest warmer (BIG BONUS! And extra pockets…)

Protection: Seeflex CE-level 2 protection at shoulders and elbows

Back Protector (sold separately): Seesoft Back Protector -Type RV Size 03 fits 34-44

Safety stitching, safety seams

Ergonomic Features:

- Fit: race fit, tight

- Adjustability: adjustment straps at waist, adjustment tab at cuffs

- Features: comfort collar and cuffs, stretch lips at elbows, stretch panels at front, back, waist and sleeves, short and long connection zipper, jeans loop

- Pockets: slit pockets, inner pockets


The REV’IT! Xena 2 jacket was the first bit of kit I owned. It took me about four visits to the local Auckland gear shop (thanks Motomail) before I finally settled. Simply because I went in with a ‘brand awareness’ mentality and had never heard of them in NZ before… only really Alpinestars. From a motonoob perspective, REV’IT! had just never popped up on my radar, that is, until I tried it on (spoiler alert, I’m a converted Alpinestars to REV’IT! fan…)

Their sizing doesn’t follow AS or Dainese, so the best bet is for you to try before you buy… sorry to those in lockdown! REV’IT! Start out at a 34, and finish up at a 44. Big key reminder, leather stretches. Fresh out the box, you will want it to fit like a crazy tight body suit in which you can barely breathe, because it WILL stretch, and you will end up like me with many Xena 2’s and not enough wardrobe space… Moving on…

I am approx. 6-8 in usual clothes, and fit both the 34 (summer jacket without liner) and the 36 (winter jacket, with liner, fits hoodies). Once it really flexed and stretched, this jacket is hands down super comfy, super warm and even with a back protector, shapes up well around our lady-like curves. The CE protection doesn’t get in the way, shoulder movement is probably the best out of all the leather jackets I tried, good adjustability around the waist and it has both a ½ and ¾ zip for if you do decide to track in it (yes, allowed for NZ tracks) or just want that additional protection on your commute. I always zip… I just feel a little safer.

Another tip – the Xena 2 doesn’t fit like the Xena 3, and I will be doing another review on the Xena 3 in time to come.

You will need to purchase the back protector separately, but these are reasonably priced and also CE Level 2. They’re relatively comfy once fitted and don’t get in the way. I’d recommend stretching out the jacket without the back protector, then adding it in later on (or you could very well suffocate on the way to work…)

Fit wise, most ladies tend to find they fit the Xena 2 – even the curvy ones with a little more padding up top than the usual…

I have had only minor little abrasions with my Xena 2, but it’s coming up to three years old, and still going strong.

There is however one negative with these jackets – the zip tab does (for some unbeknownst reason) come off. If not now, it will do later… It has happened with both my Xena 2’s, but a quick trip to the local shop and they managed a quick loop around fix (hard to describe, but loops vs stitches onto zip)

Other than than, not many negatives to be had…


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