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A REV'IT! first... The Xena 3 Race Suit!

The facts first:

Protection Features:

  • Outer shell: Cowhide, 3D air mesh, PWR | shell stretch, perforated cowhide, neoprene, artificial leather

  • Protection: Betac CE Protection, prepared for Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert - Type RV, Seesmart CE-level 1 type B hip protector insert - version RV30, dual-comp knee slider type A, safety seams, CE Level TPU protection at shoulder, CE TPU elbow sliders, TPU protection at knees, Coccyx Protection

  • Composition: 75% Leather, 20% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 2% Spandex

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: race fit, tight

  • Ventilation: ventilation panels, partly perforated outer shell, air inlet

  • Features: speed hump, stretch fabric, stretch lips

  • Pockets: inner pocket


I think excited was the understatement of the century when I heard REV’IT! were releasing their first lady’s one-piece. As us ladies all know, gear selection is generally limited, and we are made to ‘fit’ the suits, rather than the suits to fit us, due to what is essentially, lack of options. I’m also an absolute advocate for the RIGHT gear in terms of protection, and very few brands invest as much as they do in R&D to ensure that wonderful FIM approval tick.

I wanted to make sure I’d had a few good runs in the new Xena 3 before I did a written review, because I like to keep things honest. So, to date, I’ve spent an entire day out and about on a social ride, and three full rounds of racing (1x qualifier, 4x races per day, and then lived in it between races at track days too). I was so confident this suit was going to fit, that on the announcement of it’s release, I sold my old Alpinestars Motegi V2 (38), and waited out patiently for its arrival. My thought process was if it’s anything like my Xena 2 jacket and pants, I was going to absolutely love it – and long and behold, I can confirm I do.

I’ll start with the ‘bad’ bits to get them out of the way, and to be fair, there aren’t many. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I am a size 34 Xena 2 Jacket, and 38 Xena 2 pants. So naturally, I opted for the 36 Xena 3 suit. Luckily for me, the pre-release suit to the NZ market was available for me to have a try before they formally rocked up, and I am so glad I tested this before locking in my order, because surprise, surprise, I was swimming in it. The Xena 3 (both suit & jacket – yet to try pants) have really incorporated the curvy figure of us girls, and as such, the sizing is completely different to the previous gen versions.

So I decided to lock in my order of a size 34, in pink, and prayed it would turn up before Round 1 of the season to start…

I’ll be honest, I was nervous. I had just sold my Alpinestars Suit, so I was riding on this 34 suit fitting, or it would be back to the drawing board… But alas, in true REV’IT! fashion, of course it fit, and it fit well.

I clambered on into the suit, and it instantly felt great. It was stretching in the right places (thanks butt & breasts) and still allowed me the right freedom of movement in the areas I had struggled with previously on my Alpinestars, the shoulders (hurt to reach forward). The armour is comfortable, and for someone at 5ft1, the length of fit is a little long, but still entirely accurate in terms of knee slider placement, elbow placement and hip placement.

Over the duration of it’s use, it has admittedly stretched, but stretched to me, which means it’s even better now than it was before. I’m able to hang off the bike and actually enjoy my riding without restriction to movement. The front-mid area is snug, and the stretch panel on the rear allows me to frolic my butt around for every corner. The elbow sliders are a nice feature, but let’s be real, when will I ever need to replace them (haha!). I’m comfortably able to slot in my chest protector and non-integrated back protector with no issues either – just remember when you order, stretch it first without the added protection, and then add in gradually (or you may struggle to breath for a while!) You want it to fit like a second skin, not like you’re swimming in it.

Ventilation to date, has been great. I’ve never found myself overheating, but I’d like to spend more time in the peak of summer to truly test this. Leather is leather, and there will always be some degree of warmth when sitting around in the sun, but under acceleration, the airflow seems just perfect. I wear a long sleeve thermal with gym-style leggings underneath to insure it doesn’t ‘stick’ on those hot days (something to consider when measuring yourself too)

I’ve jumped into the likes of Alpinestars, Dainese and REV’IT!, and can confidently say, for my body shape and figure (think short, hour glass) it’s worked wonders in the fitment department. I would recommend trying before you buy any bit of kit, but I’ve had ladies measure directly off the size chart, and fit into the online arrival of their suit, perfectly. I do wonder if the slimmer ladies may find it a little loose in the curvature department, but I did recently get someone smaller than me to jump into my stretched suit, and it actually fit rather well, especially considering it’s formed to my personal shape.

The big thing to remember is that it’s a ladies fit, so if you’ve come out of a men’s suit, it will feel snugger in areas you wouldn’t have thought before. And ladies, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s protection! Don’t be upset when you look like a mini Michelin man – this is entirely normal.

New Zealand currently has the Black/Pink design in stock, but the team at Darbi do love looking after us, so indent orders for those patient enough, are available.

I’ve had my suit customised (thanks Xpress Racewear!) to show my sponsors logos, and it looks even more like ‘me’ now.

If you’re ever at a track day or race day, please be sure to come and find me, I’ll happily chat you through options and how most of the gear in NZ for us ladies fit, simply because I’ve tried it all 😊

Size Chart Below – Which has helped a few of you!

Xena 3 1pc & Xena 2 Jacket: 34 = Ladies 6 (My Size perfectly) 36 = Ladies 8 38 = Ladies 10 40 = Ladies 12 42 = Ladies 14 44 = Ladies 16

See full sizing chart here: REV'IT Guide to Xena 3 Jacket

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