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Chalk & Cheese, Xena 3 vs Xena 2

Let’s get the facts out the way first!

  • Protection: Safety seams at common points of contact. CE Level 2 Seesoft Elbow & Shoulder Protection (EN1621-1:2012). Prepared for CE Level 2 Seesoft Back Protector Insert (Type RV)

  • Material: Cow Hide, 3D Airmesh (Ventilation), Artificial Leather (Decorative aspects), PWR | Shell Stretch. Composition: 67% Leather, 26% Nylon, 5% Polyester, 2% Spandex.

  • Fit: Said to be tight, race fit. Stretch panels and a new shape allow more movement than previous Xena 2.

  • Insulation/Ventilation: Detachable thermal liner, and 3D Airmesh around chest area.

  • Additional Features: Jeans loop, short and long connection zipper, stretch fabric.


Being a common collector of the REV’IT! Xena 2, meant that naturally, I’d have to succumb to the ‘new gear’ phenomenon when the REV’IT! Xena 3 Jacket was launched into the market for New Zealand. MotoGear kindly gave me a call on arrival (A little delayed due to Lockdown, thanks COVID) and asked me to pop in and try it.

On arrival, one thing I noted was how sleek the design looked, and also, of course, the fact there is a lot less pink than its predecessor. For the ladies that prefer the ‘black look’, the pink is rather subtle and not near as powerful as the pink on the Xena 2. I had to special order my pink Xena 2, and coupled with many months of waiting, I am pleased to see the pink variety option offered straight off the boat for our market.

They say leather should be snug as it will stretch. I know on my initial search for a leather jacket a couple of years prior, I only barely got into the 36 Xena 2, and then from a winter of riding with hoodies underneath, it stretched massively, forcing me to partner up with a 34 for my summer riding.

On putting on the Xena 3 36, I couldn’t believe how much bigger it was out of the box. It was far from snug, almost a little loose (not the best way to fit gear...), this was without removing the inner layer. I’d say this is due to the new cut, as well as the additional stretch panels incorporated for our lady figures. As there were no 34’s shipped into the country, I am unable to offer a true comparison in sizes for Xena 3 to Xena 3 at this time. I have requested a 34 to be ordered in, as I do have to wear the Xena 3 as my winter jacket, with a hoody and back protector underneath to ensure it’s that little more snug than when I first popped it on.

It zip’s up perfectly with my Xena 2 pant sets, ½ and ¾.

Overall, it is an extremely comfortable jacket. The freedom of movement due to its new stretch panels allows me to really shuffle around the bike when needed, with no restrictions on my shoulders or elbows. Long trips in it won't be uncomfortable.

One thing about them that does bother me is the zip. The tab has yet to break (unlike my Xena 2’s) but it’s the fact that it’s able to zip up, even when the bottom stop isn’t lined up correctly. I have to ensure I am really lining them up, or I’ll be halfway through a ride with my zip separating.

The CE Level 2 armour is comfortably placed around the elbows and shoulders, without hindering my movement, no bunchiness or pain when reaching forward. This is something I noted quickly with the Alpinestars Stella jackets that I struggled with - even in the Motegi V2 1pc.

Even for a jacket that is a little larger in the fitment department, it suits my curvy shape very well. The adjustable side straps allow me to get a closer fit around the waist, but other than that, adjustability is limited, so ensure you go for the right fit, first.

The overall quality feels great, no downsides there. The leather is supple and soft. Of course, I’m yet to test out it’s abrasion resistance until I do come down (hopefully never on the road!) but it’s super similar to my Xena 3 1 piece, so if I ever get biffed on track, I’ll be sure to advise!

I am using it often at present being the cusp of spring, as the added thermal liner (which is removable) is something I don’t think I could go without during the colder months. I find with a hoody underneath, I am rather warm during my morning commute (5am, think 5-10C). Despite the ventilation mesh at the front of the jacket, the thermal liner really protects the cold from coming through this area. I'm not sure if I will be running this jacket during the summer months due to it's size, but I know when the heat cranked up last year, I did sweat a little with my Xena 2, so here's hoping the new 3D mesh will work!

The Xena 3 has been designed for all sorts of shapes and sizes, making it a great jacket for those that find themselves struggling with many of the other brands – the issue I had in the beginning. I am also not a flat chested girl, and the REV’IT!’s really are the only jacket that can accommodate this, but in the same streak of fitment, it moulds to the slimmer girls well too.

For those wanting more of an idea on sizing, here is a little personal theory (which has worked so far with many girls…)

Xena 3 1pc & Xena 2 Jacket: 34 = Ladies 6 (My Size perfectly, very tight fit in the jacket) 36 = Ladies 8 38 = Ladies 10 40 = Ladies 12 42 = Ladies 14 44 = Ladies 16

Xena 3 Jacket: (Updated 2021) 34 = Ladies 6/8 (smallest available) 36 = Ladies 10 (Fits MUCH larger than the Xena 2 36) 38 = Ladies 12 40 = Ladies 14 42 = Ladies 16 44 = Ladies 18

Xena 2 Pants (For Girls with Hips): 34 = Tiny ladies with minimal waist 36 = Ladies 4/6 38 = Ladies 6/8 (Closer to 8 I’d say… very snug, this is what I wear) 40 = Ladies 10 42 = Ladies 12 44 = Ladies 14


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