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The Squid Life

Is that 32degree heat really worth the risk of you being melted into the road if you were to come off?

This past summer, I have seen more squids than I have of the avid #ATGATT riders. Now, if you choose to ride squid, by all means, continue on your way and scroll on past.. this is for maybe those of you who just might not know any different. Like how I was.

I had no idea that riding involved more than a motorcycle and the helmet to match. Wearing gear is not a legal requirement in New Zealand, so as you can imagine, I was the sort that felt a pair of nice jeans from the local chick shop, with maybe a sexy looking faux leather jacket would complete the look. Add a nice heeled long boot and away we go.. Ah.. no.. It turns out that there is a stream of knowledge built into all motorcycle worthy CE approved gear. Be it leather, textile or Kevlar.

It wasn't until I walked into a motorcycle dedicated gear shop (thanks Motomail) that I was awakened to the why's of gear. Fast forward two years later, I arguably have more gear than I do snazzy dresses. And alas, this is how this cute little website was formed - the readers hub for all things gear - specifically lady gear!


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